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Bioengineer from the wild North, 21 years old, cis female, Christian, pescetarian, photographer, biromantic asexual. I like bees and disease and the color green.
Found on this blog: Welcome to Night Vale, Hannibal, Sherlock, The Hobbit, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Marvel, lots of sarcasm and rainbows and occasional body horror/gore/creepiness.

This is MOLLY HOOPER. And she is one of the toughest female characters I’ve ever seen. Let’s talk about this.

  • She’s a pathologist, so she’s likely got her ph. D in the medical field. The show has never actually called her ‘Dr. Hooper’, but she obviously has some control over what goes on in the lab- enough to be able to let people in and do many of the criminal autopsies, which are some of the most important. So she’s definitely not stupid- smart enough to get through medical school, smart enough to land a solid job at a fairly prestigious hospital and do autopsies for the police. Definitely smart. Probably dead brilliant.
  • Sherlock picked her to manipulate. Maybe because he pegged her as the easiest- she’s obviously sweet on him, has a bad crush. But Sherlock is very skilled at persuasion. He could have picked nearly anyone, but he picked her. This shows that she’s important. She’s not some underling who happens to have a key, she has access to the entirety of the labs and can get him to the bodies and lets him experiment on them- so she has control over the cadavers. Molly isn’t just some underling or intern. She’s one of the higher-ups, which led Sherlock to pick her.
  • She dated and dumped one of the most ferocious crime lords in London, perhaps in the world.
  • Sherlock is a complete ass to her, and she still helps him. Maybe because she’s got a crush on him- more likely because she’s dead loyal, and smart, and knows that what he’s doing is for the greater good. Even after all the shit that he gives her, she doesn’t break. She still loves him.
  • She’s obviously helped him pull off this massive suicide heist. Which means she’s got to have a great poker face and excellent planning skills.
  • As a pathologist, she’s unbothered by gore and blood and guts. It’s one thing to dissect a cat or a frog. It’s another thing completely to work with bodies that have been lying around for who-knows-how-long, maybe in the river. Probably not well-preserved tidy bodies. Think rank. Think butchered, murdered, grotesque. That’s her job.
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